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Find staff for your business:
Trades: catering, office, call centre, seasonal, construction, retail, transport, home care, support, child care
Jobs: waiting staff, chefs, bar staff, administrators, receptionists, data input, call centre operators, telesales, drivers, couriers, promotions staff, shop assistants, retail managers, fruit pickers and more ...

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NEW CATEGORY If your requirements are for TRADESMEN or contractors to do work for you, then may I suggest you use our search facility to get them, this means just using our register of tradesmen for viewing and then contacting tradesmen with your precise job requirements within your location.
SOLUTION TWO.If your requirement is for workers who are casual, ad hoc, part-time and/or temporary, and they are required on a less urgent and a more regular basis then you could leave the organisation of your staff procurement and administration with us and use our agency solution.This means just contacting us with your precise staff requirements and location and we will supply the staff to fit the requirement.
SOLUTION ONE If your staff requirements are of a casual,ad hoc,part-time or temp nature, and you need workers very quickly, then may I suggest that you use our direct approach (unique to shop4staff) available on our web site. This means that you make a decision to contact and employ a worker directly based upon the pertinent information we have gathered about them for you, this involves previous employer references and a strict screening process offering you complete peace of mind when you quickly employ that person.
Colchester North Essex
Ipswich Suffolk
Just search our register of top staff available to work with you in your trade sector and location All our staff have been invited to join us after providing the highest references from previous employers. To get workers now click here!
What our users say!

"Finding good waiting and kitchen staff for my catering business is difficult, and to get them at short notice is even more tricky.
With SHOP4STAFF I can get on the web site to find local people to work on my jobs quickly. It's great on weekends when most staff agencies are closed, and it saves me loads of money on employment costs."

Pamela Ward, PJW Catering, Frinton on Sea

Note! Pamela uses our direct solition.
I want hire staff/workers using your agency, Go to the agency 'hire staff/workers request form' here.
TESTIMONIALS from satisfied customers illustrating the value of our service
"Shop4staff means I get to quickly choose a temp to work for me
I  search my job sector so I can find reliable people with the right Admin experience. It's faster cheaper and better than asking a regular Recruitment Agency to find someone!"

Phil Phillips, Work in progress, Norwich

I want hire staff/workers using your Direct solution