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Our service is simple, safe and secure, just a few easy steps before you can view and contact the staff on our reqister
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Do I need to pay to use your Office Agency?

How do I get paid
For temporary assignments you are paid by the Employer under their payment policy or employment contract conditions usualy  every Friday in arrears by credit transfer to your nominated bank account, so you will receive your first wage two weeks after the start of your assignment. You’ll be paid an hourly rate which will of course vary from employer to employer, but it will never be less than the National Minimum Wage. Your pay will be based on how many hours you’ve worked, and rounded up or down to the nearest quarter of an hour. Tax and National Insurance deductions will be made automatically.
What holiday am I entitled to as a temporary worker?
You’re entitled to a maximum of 28 days paid annual leave in each complete holiday year. If you do want to take any paid holiday, please call us well in advance so that we can check you have accrued enough days and book them for you. But you do need to give us at least one week’s notice so that we can plan alternative cover.
To give of your best to any and every assignment given to you by shop4staff and to treat every job given with enthusiasm and respect
If you absolutely cannot can’t make it to your assignment you need to call at least an hour before you’re due to start work if you can’t attend, even if you’ve already informed the company you’re working for directly. You’re entitled to Statutory Sick Pay subject to qualification, but not company sick pay. If you need to be absent for any other reason, you need to speak to us about it first. If you’re not available to work for 4 weeks or more without our authorization, we’ll have to treat this as your resignation.

To provide the best possible working environment for you while also giving you the best pay deal and add ons on the circuit.

You can access the Shop4Staff community web site for deals and special offers etc.
Q I want to work in the UK, but I’m not a British Citizen
For the most up-to-date information about working in the UK, please visit the Home Office website GOV.UK or our affiliate partner "Skillclear"
We know that you might have lots of other questions, or need a little extra detail around some of the issues raised above so please feel free to get in touch with us today.contacts page
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Businesses use our Office "register" to get staff quickly and inexpensively, We populate our register with top people looking to work for you in your trade sector and location. All candidates have been invited to join us after providing the highest references from previous employers.
So If your staff requirement is for part-time, ad-hoc, temp, casual or trial to permanent workers then Register with us now.
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Getting the right person for your business can be tricky whether you’re looking for catering staff. office staff or general workers we know how important it is to you to get the right person FIRST TIME especially when looking for permanent workers, we also know this is a difficult and time consuming task for you,
So to help you get it right first time we at at shop4 staff have thoroughly researched all candidates/ job seekers before placing them on our register.

Once you have joined us and paid the small joining fee you can choose from our register of available staff the person that you want and contact them directly to complete the employment process..

*Our system works well but because of the successful way we work we may not always be able to offer the correct staff for your job in hand. In this case we will tell you that we cannot fulfill your requirements rather than recommend to you unsuitable staff.which could be a disaster in the making for all concerned.

*Getting the right person for the job is not always totally about the Skills and Experience of that person, it is also a question of attitude and about finding someone that’s eager to learn about your business and be willing to work together with other staff to make each day a successful one.

What types of roles do you recruit for?
We offer jobs on a permanent, temporary and contract basis in all categories and all location.

Do you offer home-based jobs?
Yes but only in certain suitable categories. 

How do I register with the Shop4 Staff Office Agency?
You need to apply by completing our initial application form. Once we have reviewed your details we will contact you to get further information to place on our register.

I have applied for one of your advertised jobs but I haven’t had a reply yet?
Because we have to process many applications it may take a couple of days before we can contact you but rest assured we will.

What hours will I work on a temp assignment?
This will vary from assignment to assignment, but your hours will always be explained to you before you accept the job.
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Employers using agencies to find temporary or permanent workers have certain responsibilities.
*Agencies that find staff for other businesses, but pay the staff themselves, are known as ‘employment businesses’.
If you take on workers through an 'employment business' the employment business is  responsible for ensuring the workers’ rights under working time and minimum wage rules.

Employers’ responsibilities
As an employer, you’re responsible for:
* agency workers’ health and safety   
* ensuring they have the same access to shared facilities as other workers
* letting them know about relevant job vacancies in your business
However, you can stop providing work to an agency worker, as long as they’re not employed by you.
Using Agency staff

Employers, you can hire temporary staff through agencies.
This means:that
*you pay the agency, including the employee’s National Insurance contributions (NICs) and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
*it’s the agency’s responsibility to make sure workers get their rights under working time regulations
*you must make sure they can access your facilities (such as canteen and childcare facilities), and information on your job vacancies
*after 12 weeks continuous employment in the same role, agency workers get the same terms and conditions as permanent employees, including pay, working time, rest periods, night work, breaks, annual leave and maternity, paternity or adoption leave
*you must provide the agency with information about the relevant terms and conditions in your business so that they can ensure the worker gets equal treatment
after 12 weeks in the same job
*you must allow agency workers to use any shared facilities (eg a staff canteen or childcare) and give them information about job vacancies from the first day they work there
*you are still responsible for their health and safety
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