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Trades. Catering, General office, Domestic, Business promotion agency
Jobs: waiting staff, chefs, bar staff, administrators, receptionists, data input, call centre operators, telesales,  promotions staff, shop assistants etc.
GO DIRECT. Shop around for top staff in the domestic help Register
NEW CATEGORY If your requirements are for TRADESMEN or contractors to do work for you, then may I suggest you use our search facility to get them, this means just using our register of tradesmen for viewing and then contacting tradesmen with your precise job requirements within your location.
If your requirement is for workers who are casual, ad hoc, part-time and/or temporary, and they are required on a less urgent and a more regular basis then you could leave the organisation of your staff procurement and administration with us and use our agency solution.This means just contacting us with your precise staff requirements and location and we will supply the staff to fit the requirement.
 If your staff requirements are of a casual,ad hoc,part-time or temp nature, and you need workers very quickly, then may I suggest that you use our direct approach (unique to shop4staff) available on our web site. This means that you make a decision to contact and employ a worker directly based upon the pertinent information we have gathered about them for you, this involves previous employer references and a strict screening process offering you complete peace of mind when you quickly employ that person.
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Just search our register of top staff available to help you in your need for domestic care. All our staff have been invited to join us after providing the highest references from previous employers. To get domestic workers now click     here!
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"Shop4staff means you get to quickly choose a domestic to do work for you
You just search the Register of staff in your locality, add your job or personal requirements and then you can choose a suitable and reliable person with the right experience to 'do for you'
It's fast, inexpensive and better than any other method of finding the right person for your particular requirement"
CUSTOMERS Go to the Hire staff/workers request form here
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ABOUT THE JOB of domestic worker with shop4staff.
A domestic worker is a person who works within an employers household. Domestic workers perform a variety of household services for an individual or a family, including cleaning and household maintenance, known as housekeeping. Responsibilities may also include cooking, doing laundry and ironing, food shopping and other household errands. Although most of the work is part-time and on a when needed basis some domestic workers live within the household where they work.
If you or someone you know needs this type of assistance or a more specialist type such as Parkinsons then go here      to join the shop4staff Register as a customer.

Shop4staff provides a register of staff and workers who offer their services Direct to you as and when you need them. Our service to you is inexepensive because our costs are not top heavy with executive and admin staff as are regular agencies.
!note Most workers in this profession will require a positive DBS check, see here for details
If you feel that you have the dedication to excel in this exacting profession and you would like to make a career in it then we would like you to join us at shop4staff. TO BEGIN CLICK HERE

!note Most workers in this profession will require a positive DBS check, see below for details
How to get a DBS check- SEE HERE
1.The employer gets an application form from DBS or an umbrella body (a registered body that gives access to DBS checks).
2.The employer gives the applicant the form to fill in and return to them along with documents proving their identity.
3.The employer sends the completed application form to DBS or their umbrella body.
4.DBS sends a certificate to the applicant. The employer has to ask the applicant to see the certificate.
If the applicant has subscribed to the DBS update service, the employer can check their certificate online.

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